I am currently working on commission to supply tiles for the kitchen at Munstead Wood Hut, which was built by Edwin Lutyens for Gertrude Jekyll to live in while she waited for him to build the big house in the same garden. The Hut has a simple, unassuming arts and crafts style showing beautiful craftsmenship. Subtle rustic design features reflect Lutyens' sensitivity to the intended use of the house as a summer house in which Jekyll shared time with friends. Fitting into the woodland garden, it has an atmosphere which reminds us of those simple things in life which really matter. The arts and crafts movement bemoaned the consequences of industrialisation and division of labour and strongly supported the spirit of engaging local craftsmen. It is a privilege to be engaged in the spirit of the arts and crafts movement in this enduring way and to research glaze, colour and design features which will continue to support those values.

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