Form over Function

Divider Pot
This body of ceramic work combines traditional throwing methods with found objects. Each piece suggests a familiar domestic object reflecting a theme suggested by a set of organic or mechanical forms. A range of glazes has been developed to explore abstractions from the natural or industrial environment. The method of incorporating these found objects symbolises the historical and environmental influences on design, and the role of visual inheritance in current-day and future aesthetic trends. Each resulting piece tells an unfinished story, leaving an element of ambiguity to feed the imagination of the viewer.

Green Treepot 25cms

Seapot 30cms 

Seagreen pot 16cms 
Croc Pot 40cms 
Shell Pot 25 cms
Starfish Pot 25cms 
Starfish Pot (detail)
Crack pot

Crack Pot (detail)

Little Crack Pot 14cms

Hill Top Pot

Treepot 30cms

Hill Top Pot (Detail)

Fleur Pot 30cms 

Tripot 40cms 

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